Happy 5th Birthday The Provincial

Happy 5th Birthday to The Provincial Geraldton
We opened for trade at 7am on the 1st July 2010.

This Friday night we'll be giving away Provincial vouchers randomly all night to thank you, our wonderful patrons, for loving our venue and supporting all the hard work that goes into making The Provincial - simply put "a good place to go".

Our 5th year will see the opening our new Private Room, limited to groups of 8 people only, for dinners, parties, anything. This special space will feature a dedicated wait person as well as some exclusive dishes, wines, cocktails and all of our regular offerings.

Our opening season price to book this space is $80 per person for 8 people, or $640 if you prefer a smaller guest list. This price is all inclusive of food and drinks (food or drinks) however you prefer.
This space is now available to book from our opening night - Thursday 16th July onwards and is conditional to the booking terms (details available by request). Phone 9964 1887.

Thanks to the wonderful Provincial Team and especially to you for your support. Look forward to seeing you at The Provincial for more good times.

John Todaro